Kamazou Visit

We recently visited Kamazou, in Kaduna State. Our hearts were broken by the tears bended knees, and many prayers, with gratitude for the little given.

Little is indeed much to the one who has nothing. And it takes little to do much.

We invite you to join this great work of being D1 for someone who is in need. Your little support does much.

We will not fail to always express our heartfelt gratitude to all those that have joined us for this task. You have touched many lives in unmeasurable ways by your financial gift and volunteering of your time.

Here are few pictures from our last visit.


Man on Doorway of Food Truck

Be The One

Shine Your Light for Those in Need

The COVID-19 Crisis has brought untold hardships to many families and individuals. Many struggle to have their basic needs met. Join us in shining light by providing support to the millions in need in Nigeria #bd1



Supporting Those in Need

Be The One” campaign is an initiative inviting individuals, communities, religious organizations, and non-profits to “BDOne” that families and individuals impacted by COVID-19 could rely on.


A Call to Action